A comprehensive theoretical and practical education for those who aspire to excellence in dog training

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Learn, grow and exchange ideas with a community of committed professionals worldwide

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Dr R K Anderson Veterinary Behaviorist

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“I've had the opportunity to review Jean Donaldson's Academy and was very impressed with its quality, breadth, detail and organization, but mostly with Jean's fierce commitment to sound science.”

“I have a network of colleagues and an alma-mater I can continue to count on."

Jody Karow, graduate, founder, Dogsense Online

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A comprehensive course, led by Jean Donaldson, one of the world-leading experts in dog training and behavior

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An advanced course in every aspect of dog training and behavior

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The world-leading program for dog trainers and behavior consultants

The Academy for Dog Trainers offers the most rigorous, advanced program in dog behavior and training in the world. Our goal is to raise the standard of excellence in the industry - nothing less. Regarded by many as the Harvard of dog training, this comprehensive online program will equip you with the in-depth knowledge and practical techniques you need to succeed as a dog trainer. You'll be learning and problem-solving with a global community of like-minded people who believe that dogs and their families deserve the very best. When you graduate, you will be able to tackle any type of case and pursue your vocation with competence and confidence.





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What The Academy can do for you!

  • More than a course, a community for life
    More than a course, a community for life The Academy's education in behavior, training, behavior modification, teaching and counseling is widely considered to be unrivaled.   But more than that, the Academy is a community and a professional…
  • Looking for a change of career?
    Looking for a change of career?   Academy students are not all from the world of dogs. They often come to dog behavior and training from other careers in social sciences, allied health or client-centred businesses.…
  • In a shelter or rescue?
    In a shelter or rescue? We don’t need to tell you that behavior is one of the biggest reasons why dogs are given up to rescues and shelters. It’s the reason why they don’t find…
  • Already a dog professional?
    Already a dog professional?   Many of the students who join the Academy are already working in a related field: vets who want to increase their knowledge of behavior, trainers who want to grow…

Your Academy

  • The Dog Scientific: Our Academic Site
    The Dog Scientific: Our Academic Site At the heart of the Academy course is the Dog Scientific secure website. Think of it as your online university lecture hall, seminar room and library in one. Here you…
  • Qualifying as an Academy graduate
    Qualifying as an Academy graduate The Academy for Dog Trainers stands for excellence. By the time you graduate, you will have in-depth knowledge of dog behavior and outstanding practical skills in dog training. You will…
  • The Academy Levels
    The Academy Levels Freshman: starting out As a new Freshman in The Academy, you'll be studying the modules for the very first time and familiarizing yourself with The Dog Scientific website, its discussion…
  • Intensive personal video coaching
    Intensive personal video coaching     Excellence in dog training is clearly more than theory. You need to master the mechanics, too. At each stage throughout the course, we ask you to upload a…

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