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Dances with Dogs Dog Training and Walking

USA 2703 Loma St, Silver Spring, MD 20902
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Schedule a private consultation with me to improve life with "Man's Best Friend." I offer certified (Academy for Dog Trainers) positive reinforcement training in behavior modification and basic obedience. Contact me through or by phone (458-205-5714).

Hello! I am a University of Oregon graduate certified in dog training with the Academy for Dog Trainers. I love working with dogs and their parents. I offer behavior modification to address those pesky behaviors such as nipping, chewing, barking, reactivity, house training, leash walking, and much more.  I have significant experience working with dog and human reactivity issues (barking, lunging, growling, pulling, etc.). I also enjoy foundational training with your dog or puppy to prevent those unwanted behaviors from developing. 

My methods are never painful or harmful to your dog. I believe wholeheartedly in positive reinforcement training. It is highly effective to give your dog something he desires, but only after we see the behavior we are looking for. Painful training tactics, while unethical, can create a very fearful and/or aggressive dog. Strangling your dog every time he pulls to see another dog can simply teach your dog that other dogs lead to pain, which can create a dog-aggressive dog. It is safer and more effective to train using positives instead of pain.

I also offer dog walking services. You can trust a dog walker with knowledge of and experience in dog behavior and handling. 

Learn more about me and contact me through or by phone (458-205-5714).

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