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Obedience Training and Behavior Modification

USA W10195 560th Avenue, River Falls, WI
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Individualized coaching and force-free behavior modification, from rocket recalls to fear and anxiety.

Need help with housetraining or marking? Impulse control? Fear of strangers? Leash reactivity? Want to get your puppy off to a great start? 

It's becoming widely known that dogs can be trained without threats or coercion. Even entrenched behaviors like resource guarding and stranger aggression can be modified with the strategic introduction and removal of Things Dogs Love. And many of us believe that if you can train Bruno with kindness and respect, why not do it?

Upward Hound is your local force-free, humane option that's kind to your dog and your family.

I offer one-on-one dog training conducted in your home. I can either do most of the hands-on work, or coach you through it step-by-step if you're the DIY type. In-person services available to the 30-mile radius around River Falls.

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W10195 560th Ave. River Falls, WI 54022


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Location: USA

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