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Friend to the Furry Dog Training and Behavior Consultations

USA · New York
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Friend to the Furry offers in-home private lessons and behavioral training in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Fort Greene, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, and Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, Midtown and Lower Manhattan, and parts of Queens .

At Friend to the Furry, we believe in the potential of dogs and the dog-human relationship. We help dogs reach their full potential using only the most humane and scientifically proven positive reinforcement dog training methods. Through teaching people to communicate better with their dogs and better understand their dogs, they are able to meet their dog's needs and incorporate these needs into the training process.  As a result, dogs learn better manners, and fears and anxieties that often cause undesirable behaviors are alleviated by getting to the root of the problem. 

Certified dog trainer and behavior counselor Jen Strum uses truly gentle and humane dog training methods that avoid the possibility of nasty side effects caused by harsher dog training methods, while motivating your dog to exhibit proper behavior. Through the use of scientifically proven and effective dog training methods, fearful dogs learn to be more confident, all dogs have fun learning better behavior, puppies are given a great start to a happy life, and pet parents learn how to improve their dog's behavior as well as their relationship.

Friend to the Furry offers one-on-one private lessons and in home dog training consultations to teach:

Puppy Basics
Proper Greeting
No-Pull Leash Walking

and to manage, modify, and extinguish:

Chewing and other Destructive Habits
Separation Anxiety
Fear Issues
Stranger Aggression
Dog-Dog Aggression
Improper Play
Street Scavenging
Table and Countertop Begging and Stealing

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