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USA P.O. Box 454, Tesuque, New Mexico 87574
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I specialize in Day Training. This means that I come to your home and train your dog for an agreed-upon number of sessions over a period of several weeks. So while you go about your own day, I work with the dog to train new behaviors and mentally stimulate him. About once a week we will meet, so that I can show you the progress your dog has made and teach you how to maintain his new behavior(s).

This approach is very efficient & effective, since most people have neither the time nor the inclination to train their own dogs. (If you did, you would become a dog trainer!) So the beauty of day training is that I work with your dog individually, taking on all the repetitive and technical work involved in dog training.

As part of the training-session package, I will teach you (and your family, if applicable) how to elicit and maintain your dog’s new behavior.


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