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Off Leash Dog Walking / Training

USA · California · City and County of San Francisco
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Off Leash Dog Walking

Boredom breeds all sorts of bad behavior.  Barking, chewing, digging, to name just a few.  Send your dog out with us while you're at work and take your own recess from the worry, frustration and guilt that come with leaving your dog home alone all day.  Our 3 acres of private, enclosed dog walking space in Montara, means a stress-free and safe outing for your dog.  Unlike other companies, we don't have to share space with other walkers, dogs, and park users.  Your dog encounters and plays only with a small group of friends carefully chosen for compatibility. 

We offer BIG DOG WALKS and SMALL DOG WALKS.  The two groups are completely separate so every dog plays with size-appropriate play mates and no one can be unintentionally injured.  The dogs are constantly being trained on our outings - the dogs learn how to be quickly interrupted out of play and re-focused on learning, how to recall out of play for rewards and to learn impulse control (no jumping, pawing for treats, waits at the door, and wait to be released to name just a few!)

All of our walkers are DogTEC certified, canine first aid certified and well versed in canine behavior. 


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