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USA · Oregon
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6-Week Group Class For Puppies Ages 8 to 16 Weeks on Week 2 of Class This 1-hour per week for 6 weeks is a positive reinforcement ‘Ian Dunbar-Style’ puppy class. Its a fun-filled, fast-paced class where puppies are off-leash most of the time. We pause frequently to insert training exercises so that puppies learn to listen to their handlers in the face of distractions; the training environment, all the other puppies and people. You will be rewarding & praising your puppy for the right behavior so it becomes what your puppy wants to do. You & your puppy will be training & learning for the full hour! No sitting or standing around! Skills Taught People & Dog Socialization Puppy Bite Inhibition Sit – Down – Stand – Come – Wait Attention & Leave It Settle & Puppy Handling Beginning Leash Walking Stay on Mat Other Topics Covered Health & Safety for Puppies House Training – Crate Training Being Home Alone – Sleeping Chewing the Right Things Rewards & Punishments Games!

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PO Box 656 Wilbur, Oregon 97494


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Location: USA, Oregon

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