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Mindful Mutts Basic Manners/Obedience Class

USA · New York 429 Graham Ave, Brooklyn. NY 11211
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A 6 week dog training/obedience class for dogs 6 months and older focusing on basic obedience and impulse control within the company of other dogs and in exciting and stimulating environments. 

Special emphasis is placed on better communication between dogs and their people, impulse controls, and reliability of behavioral commands.  All commands and behaviors are taught in various scenarios, so your dog not only learns how to do the right thing, but learns to do the right thing every time regardless of distractions.

Topics covered include: 

  • Basic Behaviors Such As Sit, Down, Come When Called
  • Impulse Controls such as Leave It, Stay, and Walking Calmly on Leash
  • Greeting People and Dogs On and Off Leash
  • Stopping Rough Play and Nipping
  • Stopping Demand Barking

Classes meet on Tuesdays at 7:30pm at Buddy's Dog Den, 429 Graham Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211 as scheduled. 

All classes are small in size so that every student (dog and human) gets individualized attention and no dog leaves class without getting the benefits of every lesson taught.  At the same time, your dog learns to perform these behaviors in a stimulating atmosphere with other dogs and to listen despite distraction, while you learn how to focus your dog in exciting scenarios and get response despite excitement.

Feel free to call Jen at 347-560-3647 or email with any questions regarding the Mindful Mutts class

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Location: USA, New York

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