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Paws of Nature - Dog and Baby Safety Programs

USA PO Box 1462 Westfield, MA 01086
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Dogs & Storks - Preparing the Family Dog for Life with Baby workshops and private consultations. Dogs & Toddlers - Keeping Everyone Safe and Successful group presentation workshops.

Dogs, Babies, Toddlers, & Kids – Oh My!

Young children statistically have a higher risk of being bitten by a dog. The vast majority of these bites occur from a known and familiar dog, such as their own family pet, a relative’s dog, or a friend’s dog.

Almost all of these bites were preventable.

Jill Haley Rose feels very passionate about ensuring safety for children and dogs and comes from the perspective of not only a professional dog trainer, but as a parent herself.

Jill has 2 great programs she offers families to ensure safety and harmony in the home between dogs and young children.

Dogs & Storks – Preparing the Family Dog for Life with Baby

Learn how to prepare your dog for the arrival of a new baby. Become better at reading your dog’s body language and recognizing signs of stress.  Learn how to properly introduce your dog to the baby and specific ways to include him safely & comfortably in daily baby routines. Learn the easiest and best ways to set up the home environment for safe interactions.

Dog’s & Storks are offered as group 2 hour workshops in several locations locally. Jill also offers special private in-home sessions.

Dogs & Toddlers – Keeping Everyone Safe & Successful

Learn how to identify common trouble spots between dogs & toddlers in the home and how to navigate the situations in a successful manner.

Learn what realistic expectations are for interactions between dogs & very young children. Become educated on different types of supervision and solutions for safe interactions. Learn how to better read your dog’s body language and recognizing the best way to take action when your dog shows signs of stress.

Dogs & Toddlers is full of must know information for parents, grandparents, & other caregivers of babies that are about to start crawling or walking. This workshop is free for non-profit and other specific organizations.

Education & Experience

Feel confident knowing Jill Haley Rose, CTC, CPDT-KA, has the educational and hands on experience to give you qualified advice, instruction, and the skill sets to effectively improve and change your dog’s behavior.

•  Over 12 years working full time as a professional dog trainer

•  Graduate of The Academy for Dog Trainers, considered the “Harvard” of dog training schools.

•  Training Programs Coordinator and canine behavior specialist for Dakin Humane Society

•  Dog training class instructor for the MSPCA and Dakin Humane Society.

•  Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator for the past 10 years.

•  Completed Dog to Dog Aggression internship with Honors at the San Francisco SPCA

•  Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Association of Professional Dog trainers.

•  Owned and operated a dog training and behavior consulting business in San Francisco CA and Westfield, MA.

•  Trained and evaluated thousands of dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

•  Continues to expand her expertise by attending seminars & workshops held by recognized leaders in the animal training & behavior field throughout the United States.

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PO Box 1462 Westfield, MA 01086


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