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Puppy Preschool

USA · Washington
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In our Puppy Preschool class you will learn how to introduce your puppy to novel stimuli and get him or her off on the right foot for their life with humans.  Puppies will play with each other while learning from each other how to play correctly and not bite too hard. 

This class is designed for very young puppies so that they can have many positive experiences while young and grow up to be well adjusted dogs into adulthood.  Each week we have a different theme built around socializing your new puppy to various experiences such as vacuum cleaners, strange people, thunder, and going to the vet.  Each of these experiences will prepare them for common life events that they might find scary.

Puppies in this age range are in a window of opportunity to introduce them to new experiences.  They are like a sponge at this age, where everything is new and exciting.  As your puppy’s new parents, it is your job to ensure these new experiences are positive and enjoyable for a happy pooch down the road.  Each week we'll introduce a new experience as well as cover the basics of puppy parenting (such as potty training, and dealing with naughty behavior).  This is a great introduction to Basic Behavior.

You may enroll at any time for this class as the 5 topics cycle. After attending for 5 weeks straight,all topics will have been covered. You will earn the title for the CGC S.T.A.R. Puppy after completion of Orientation and all 5 weeks

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(253) 804-9400
101 Washington Blvd., Algona, WA 98001


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Location: USA, Washington

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