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Love Wags A Tail Board-And-Train

USA · Florida Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
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Love Wags A Tail specializes in board-and-train through an in-home, personalized environment. We also will train behaviors for media projects through our board-and-train program.

We at Love Wags A Tail Dog Training train obedience behaviors, housetraining, solve behavior problems, and even teach tricks through our board-and-train program. Your dog will be trained and cared for around the clock. Unlike facility trainers who cage their board-and-trains, the dogs who come to Love Wags A Tail for board-and-train become part of the family in our home. Besides two formal training lessons a day, they enjoy treat time, nap time, walkies and chilling out time in tandem with our own dogs. And an added plus is our board-and-train dogs are included in the daily exercise and play routines with the trainer's dogs. Our dogs are well socialized and excellent dog communicators. They're good with shy dogs as well as outgoing dogs, so playtime is safe. And nothing wears out a dog quite like playing with another dog. 

Prior to your dog's arrival, we interview you to get the details of the training you want for your dog, specifics about their activities and what they already know. What's included in each board-and-train package depends on the client. We personalize our training sessions according to the behaviors you need changed or added to your dog's repertoire. We also offer private lessons when your dog goes home if you need advanced coaching. As an added bonus, dogs who've been through our board-and-train program are welcomed back as boarders where they'll be reinforced for what they learned during their previous board-and-train. We become like a second home to our clients' dogs. Watch videos of our client dogs on our website. 

The dogs are trained by Helen Verte Schwarzmann, CTC, who graduated with honors from the Academy For Dog Trainers. She's who you'll speak with on the phone, email with, and the one who'll get your dog's tail wagging during training and throughout the day. During your dog's stay, she'll also send you pictures and email updates of your dog's progress and antics to help make the time you're separated a little easier on your mind and heart.

Contact us through our website at or email us at

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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Location: USA, Florida

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