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Sierra Dogs Puppy Training Camp: For a Lifetime of Good Behavior!

USA · California · El Dorado County Placerville, California
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A reward-based puppy board & train program in the loving home of a certified trainer.

Puppy Training Camp

Start your puppy off right by investing in Puppy Training Camp at Sierra Dogs during his/her first year.  We help your puppy become a good family member by teaching him/her manners, obedience, and socialization, while staying in the home of a certified trainer for two to five weeks.  Your puppy’s early experiences will shape personality and behavior for life, so don’t wait!  Puppies as young as 12 weeks accepted.

Puppy Training Camp is…

  • A two- to five-week training process when your puppy lives with a certified dog trainer
  • Training and socialization woven into the fabric of everyday life – so your puppy learns manners and skills in real-life situations
  • Positive training that rewards your puppy for good behavior – which keeps the training fun and produces long-lasting results
  • An investment in your puppy’s future with a big payoff in great behavior now and for years to come

Puppy Training Camp helps with:

  • Basic Manners & Obedience – learning good behaviors like down, stay, come, drop it, and loose-leash walking
  • Problem solving – stopping unwanted behaviors now (like puppy biting or mouthing, and jumping up on people) from becoming real problems later
  • House-training & Crate training – “going” outdoors instead of in the house, and feeling safe & comfortable home alone
  • Socialization – introducing your pup to the world during a crucial developmental period (4 to 16 weeks old) that only comes once in her lifetime

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Location: USA, California, El Dorado County

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