WHAT IS #HarnessTheLove
The Academy for Dog Trainers is excited to announce the launch of "Harness The Love", an initiative dedicated to highlighting the benefits of and promoting the use of no-pull harnesses. Starting today, Monday September 19, 2016, use the hashtags #HarnessTheLove, #HTL and #academyfordogtrainers along with our logo and join us in flooding the interwebz with images of happy dogs and happy people enjoying walks, sniffs and meandering along without the use of precise heels or painful collars (see below to find the logo and how to add it to pictures). If you are a blogger, find a post about no-pull harnesses and share it again, or prepare a new one. We will be monitoring the social channels using those hashtags and sharing content too.

To participate in Harness the Love, we encourage you to share photos of your dog wearing a no-pull (front-clip) harness with the Harness The Love logo added - if you aren't familiar with adding logos, see our instructions below.

We would also love to see videos, articles, and blog posts about no-pull harnesses. Be sure to use nice quality images and well-fitting gear! When you post to social media venues, add the hashtags #HarnessTheLove, #HTL and #academyfordogtrainers. We will share some posts on our main Academy Facebook page and find them by tracking the hashtags.

The fastest and easiest way to create images with the Harness the Love logo is to use our Poster Generator.
If you are using a desktop computer, you may also simply download our logos, size them to fit and apply them to your image using your favorite photo editing program or website (an easy option is Picmonkey, see instructions here). All of the logos above have transparent backgrounds and you can choose from the branded Academy for Dog Trainers version, or the non-branded version! On an iPhone, iPad or Android device, we have found that the Ezy Watermark app is very user-friendly:
  1. Download Ezy Watermark
  2. Select library for a photo already on your phone.
  3. Select image of your dog in a no-pull harness/halter.
  4. The next menu is to "Add Watermark". Select library.
  5. Select logo file that is saved in your photos.
  6. Resize logo and place it on your image. Select the check.
  7. If you are happy with it, click the check again.
  8. On the "Export" page, if you would like to save the image to your library (recommended), make sure that the slider bar is green. Then click check.
  9. If you select "Save" on the Export screen, it will save the logo into your recents and will show up as available after selecting the next photo.
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