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They’re Just Like *Pagers*

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Hypoxia-Induced Calm Still Legal Apparently

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The Weasel Files Part Two

The International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) is a body that seems to have been formed by trainers unhappy with the trend toward dog-friendly techniques.  They also seem a little rusty on the relevant science.  Their 2011 conference theme was … Continue reading

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Cooked Chicken Also Now Dangerous?

This is from an article on rehabbing dogs with multiple problems, in which the author advises owners to: “• Develop a positive ‘cult of personality’ with your dog. If she thinks you are an influential rock star, she’ll want to please … Continue reading

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The Weasel Files Part One

I did this piece a while back (it may still be floating around on an unauthorized website) but I’d like to post it here, re-edited, because the topic, that of re-packaging basic behavioral science – sometimes mangled basic behavioral science … Continue reading

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“I Try Not to Think with my Gut”

The above comes from this great Carl Sagan quote: “I’m often asked the question, ‘Do you think there is extraterrestrial intelligence?’   I give the standard arguments — there are a lot of places out there, and use the word … Continue reading

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